Principles of Electronics by VK Mehta download pdf free

The Book 'Principles of Electronics' authored by V.K Mehta and Rohit Mehta and Published by S. Chand Publication. The book is very important and required for Diploma and B.Tech students.

Principal of Electronics

This book is for students of 3rd Semester Electronics branch. Which all you students should read well. As you know this book is also for B.Tech. Therefore, you can select a chapter from your syllabus and read it.

Principal of Electronics

Principal of Electronics Book will be very  useful and helpful to all the electronics Branch students. You can also use this book in the 4th semester or in other words you will also read this book in the forth semester. I am saying all things for Bihar Polytechnic students. Thank you


  1. Introduction
  2. Electron Emission
  3. Gas Filled Tubes
  4. Atomic Structure
  5. Semiconductor Physics
  6. Semiconductor Diode
  7. Special Purpose Diodes
  8. Transistors
  9. Transistor biasing
  10. Single Stage Transistor Amplifiers
  11. Multistage Transistor Amplifiers
  12. Transistor Audio Power Amplifiers
  13. Amplifiers with Negative Feedback
  14. Sinusoidal Oscillators
  15. Transistor Tuned Amplifiers
  16. Modulation And Demodulation
  17. Regulated D.C Power Supply
  18. Solid Stage Switching Circuits
  19. Field Effect Transistors
  20. Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  21. Power Electronics
  22. Electronic Instruments
  23. Integrated Circuits
  24. Hybrid Paper
  25. Operational Amplifiers
  26. Digital Electronics

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The book "Principles of Electronics" is given below in the PDF file. The book has 792 pages and  43.73 MB size. To download the given book, Click on the download button.

Principal of Electronics

Principal of Electronics


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