Download Electronics Drawing & Drafting Book in PDF

About the book

The book "Engineering Drawing and Drafting" is authored by Er. Umesh Kumar and Published by Foundation Publishing House.

Download electronics drawing and drafting book
Electronic Drawing & Drafting

The language used in this book is very simple. This book has been written in keeping in mind the need of diploma students. In addition, the book can be used effectively by others who wants to study this subject. In (this book) my opinion, the book is very easy and concept full. 


  1. Symbols
  2. Construction views of commonly used components and devices.
  3. Block Diagrams
  4. Circuit Diagrams
  5. Logic Diagrams
  6. Outline Drawing
  7. Sketch and Pictorial views
  8. Exploded views
  9. Writing Diagram
  10. PCB Drawing
  11. Nomography

Key Features

  • Book is based on SBTE syllabus
  •  Sufficient number of sketch diagram of all figures.
  •  The book can be read by itself.
  •  Objective questions
  •  Previous year question papers

Download Link

 The book 'Electronics drawing and drafting' has given in PDF format.
The Soft copy of book having a total 274 pages and size

Download Electronics Drawing & Drafting Book in PDF

Engineering drawing and drafting


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