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 There is new update for you, now civil 3rd sem Questions bank of foundation publication now uploaded here. This is free to you. As we know the meaning of study so we will all things here is free of coast.

This book for 3rd sem civil engineering student all the Question of 2017 & 18 are available in the foundation publication Questions bank.

For downloading the Questions bank bank you have to click only the below which show in the bule colour .


Question Bank of Civil 3rd Semester Bihar Polytechnic

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  1. Applied mathematics solved question papper 2017 (odd)
  2. Applied mathematics solved question papper 2018 (odd) 
  3. Survening solved Questions papper 2017 (odd)
  4. Survening solved Questions papper 2018 (odd)
  5. Building construction solved Questions papper 2017 (odd)
  6. Building construction  solved Questions papper 2018 (odd)
  7. Building Drawing solved Questions papper 2017 (odd)
  8. Building Drawing solved Questions papper 2018 (odd)
  9. Concrtete techonlogy solved Questions papper 2017 (odd)
  10. Concrtete techonlogy solved Questions papper 2018 (odd)
  11. Solved model papper :- 1
  12. Solved model papper :-2
  13. Solved model papper :-3
  14. Solved model papper :-4
  15. Solved model papper :-5
  16. Solved model papper :-6
  17. Solved model papper :-7
  18. Solved model papper :-8
  19. Solved model papper :-9
  20. Solved model papper :-10
  21. Solved model papper :-11


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Civil 3rd Sem Question paper of 2018


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