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Download Question Bank of Venus Publication

Dear Students, In this article we are providing Venus Publication Question Bank of 5th Semester Civil Engg. As you know that the question bank is play important role in Preparation of Examination. So we have provided Venus Publication question bank. After Download the PDF of  Question Bank, you should keep learning better. And you will be able to Scoring good marks in External Exam.

Venus Publication Question Bank of 2018 & 2019

Here, you will got the PDF of 5th semester question bank of year 2018(Odd) & 2019(Odd).
All files are in PDF form and scanned with mobile camera. The Question Bank contains all papers of 5th semester Civil Engineering. Eg.- Theory of Structure, Design of Steel Structure, Estimating and Costing, Highway Engineering & Irrigation Engineering.  

How to Download 5th Semester Question Bank of  Civil Engg?

To download Question Bank of Civil Engineering, follows following steps :
  1. Click on Download [Pdf]  File Button.
  2. Google Drive will open and shows all Question Bank.
  3. Open the PDF file and click on 3-doted line.
  4. Choose download button.
  5. Now Pdf file is starting to Download.

Question Bank Download Link

The Question Bank ' 5th Sem Civil ' is published by Venus Publication. The Soft Copy of both file is given in PDF format. The Size  of 2019(Odd) Question Bank in Approximate 10 MB and total 21 pages. To Download the Question Bank, just click on the download button below.

Download [2018] Question BankDownload [2019] Question Bank

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